Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hasta Luego Peru!

Leaving Peru

Wilfredo: One of the many faces we will miss from Peru.
On Friday morning, Wilfredo, Doris, and Graciela took us to the Jorge Chavez International Airport. The airport we pass every time we go for a run. The airport we have been picking people up from and dropping people off at all year. The airport we have been using for our domestic adventures to the jungle, Machu Picchu, CaƱon de Colca, and more. It was very bittersweet to arrive there that final time. After listening to planes taking off and landing all year long, now we would be on the next flight out and it would be officially "goodbye Peru."


Originally, we thought we just needed to get to the airport 2 hours early, but were advised to get there 3 hours early. Thankfully, we did get there a little closer to 2.5 hrs early. 

The other concern per usual was how much our bags weighed. Every flight from the States has a 50lb max weight limit, to my knowledge. Our bags had to weigh more than that! We very anxiously waited in line and then finally got to the front and asked...the weight limit was 32 kilos - that's 70lbs. Phew! Turns out my bag was only 25 kilos. Excellent. Also, why do I have so much stuff?! Anyway..

By the time we got our bags checked and our boarding passes it was practically time to board, hence it being good that we got there earlier than we thought necessary.

Monte Sion
So, for the 4th time, we said our goodbyes. (First goodbye at Monte Sion, second at Filadelfia, and third at home Thursday night.) It is very difficult to let go when you don't know when or if you will see someone again. 

It has been a beautiful year. We had our ups and downs of course, but all of it was totally worthwhile. We had the incredible opportunity to live and worship abroad in Peru for an entire year. We met the most incredible, loving, and caring people. They welcomed us in as their sisters, daughters, cousins, and nieces immediately. Plus, we got to know what an awesome country Peru is with it's rich history and soil. From the coast, to the mountains, to the jungle..we got a taste of it all (and it was delicious!). 

I can't say thank you enough to the Carlos, Paz, Yanqui, and Herrera families and the Monte Sion, Filadelfia, and Huanuco congregations for all they have done for us this year. Ha sido increible. 

Instead of saying goodbye, I really hope it is just "see you later."


Chimpum Callao!

~nos vemos~

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