Tuesday, June 24, 2014

La Copa Mundial!

I attempted to play soccer back in the day - I just remember getting lots of bloody noses, pulled muscles, and sitting on the sidelines. Needless to say, it didn't make a strong impression and I never really got into it.

As we are currently in the land of soccer, or futbol, as I have been told, it seems only necessary to give it another shot. With as much enthusiasm as we could muster, we started to watch La Copa Mundial/The World Cup Soccer Tournament.

Who knew this game was so addicting to watch?! We watched Brazil's first game on the opening day, of course. The next day, I turned on the TV and sat down with my computer to watch the Mexico v. Cameroon game and figured that would be enough for the day. But the next 2 games, Spain v. Netherlands and Chile v. Australia, came on so quickly. I just kept right on watching. Before I knew it, I had basically spent the whole day watching soccer. Never in my life would I expect to do that.

Melissa is more into it that I am and has been doing the research on the teams to keep me updated. She found this hilarious, but quite informative/depressing video to explain a little more about FIFA. Also, when she gets into a game, you know it's intense when her arms start doing weird things...reaching up to cheer, but then it is a miss, so she quickly pulls her arms down as if she was just adjusting her hair or something. Hahaha.

It was quite disappointing to be in church on Sunday during the USA v. Portugal game. Karen was nice enough to give us an update though. Afterwards, we found out it was a tie. This has to be the worst part about soccer - a tie! What the heck..?

Now, basically 2 weeks later, we keep watching and do our best to keep track of when the games are and how people are doing. Things are getting exciting now as we find out who is eliminated and who is moving on to the next round. I'm looking forward to seeing how USA does against Germany on Thursday! I think I've decided to cheer for the Netherlands to go all the way though. No offense, USA.

Good luck to all of the teams!

~nos vemos~

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