Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feliz Dia Papa!

This weekend was the marathon of celebrating dads! It was fun to be a part of the festivities and the family here. I definitely missed seeing my own dad, but that's what Skype is for, so I was able to chat with him and my mom for a bit on Sunday. :)

Let's start the marathon on Friday, while not part of the festivities, it was still an interesting day. For our classes at church, we are using a book that talks about love, relationships, families, and all that goes along with it (finances, trust, forgiveness, etc. etc.). As it goes, the topic for the day was "Ideal Matrimony" and my turn to teach. Ha ha ha.

As I am not married and have no actual idea of what that means, I stuck to the book. The book uses an image of a ladder to signify a couple as 1 person. The bottom rungs of the ladder signify physical attraction, which is a starting point for bringing people together. Then, the ladder advances up through emotional and intellectual connectedness. Finally, it arrives at the top where the couple unites with the love of God. Having a relationship centered around God's love is what makes for an ideal marriage.

So, what do you say to someone who regularly attends class and is basically your biggest cheerleader for the church, when she essentially asks, "so is my marriage doomed since my husband doesn't believe in church stuff?" Grrreeeaaatttt. Just the question I want to get thrown. Oye.

To save myself the embarrassment, I'm not going to try to explain how we traveled through that conversation, but I feel we left things on a positive note. I hope.

Now we get into the Father's Day festivities.

On Saturday, the kids showed up full force (we were late of course, which means the kids were early). I had printed out cards for the little kids to color and then give to their dads. With the big kids, we folded origami shirts and ties. I guess at school, the kids wrote an acrostic, so they all added that to the shirt as part of their cards.

*A little bad news. We always have dogs wander into the church. Usually, we promptly kick them out. However, there is one dog that always comes with the kids it belongs to. He is a calm dog and usually just curls up under the table until it is time to leave. Well, this day, I'm not sure what happened, but some kid was messing with the dog and it bit the kid. This proceeded to throw everything else into chaos for obvious reasons.

** An update. The kid is doing fine. They took him to the hospital that night and we heard on Sunday that he was out playing and being a kid as if nothing had happened. I think he will need to get rabies shots. Hopefully, the wound heals without any problems.

Being that Marlene is the nurse in the group, she took it on herself to solve the problem. She was also in charge of the church service. When she found out she needed to go to the hospital, she asked me to take over presiding. (Btw, that's the 2nd time I've gotten to spontaneously preside at Monte Sion..I hope the unpreparedness doesn't show too much.) The kids started the service off with the Mostaza (mustard) song and shared the acrostic. Always good to get the kids involved. In Monte Sion, we had Hermano Jose Luis and Hermano Juan to celebrate. Our awesome dad received a mug with coffee and a mix to make mazamorra morada. :)

"Si tuvieras fe como un granito de mostaza..Oo Oo Oo"
"Papito Bueno"
Los Padres: Jose Luis y Juan

On Sunday, we were going to be ambitious and walk to church, but then there was a soccer game on and we really needed to see it, so we just took the bus. Haha. We had class on forgiveness with Marlene and then a service about the sacredness of creation with the sermon by Melissa. Afterwards, we celebrated the dads, Hermano Prudencio and his son Robert. :) Robert's significant other, Karol, is learning how to make cake, so she prepared a delicious treat to share.

Melissa sharing her last sermon.
Los Padres: Prudencio and Robert (w/ Paulo)
Feliz Dia Papito (Hecho por Karol)

In all, it was indeed a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (weekend).

~nos vemos~

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